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Deutz Genuine Oil 20L

Deutz Original Oil is a super high-performance diesel engine oil for supercharged

diesel engines and diesel engines operating

under high loads.


You can now profit from a special offer: when placing an order for 20 x 20L Deutz 15W40 oil can, you can get a FREE 20L oil can! Place your order to emile@acar.cc 



• High level of protection against wear, even under permanent

load conditions at full throttle.

• Protects against corrosion, even when using diesel fuels

with high sulphur content.

• Guaranteed protection against deposits, sludge and

sticking, both under extreme thermal loads and during

intermittent operation.

• Rapid engine permeation after start, thus reducing wear

caused during cold start and warm-up.

• Oil service life can be prolonged and optimised by

applying the DEUTZ Oil Diagnosis System.


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