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Deutz Cooling Conditioner

All liquid-cooled engines need an effective coolant additive

in order to ensure safe long-term engine function.

The use of unsuitable cooling system conditioners often

results in leaks in the cooling system caused by corrosion

and incompatibility with sealing materials, as well as

pitting in aluminium components and flocculation which

clogs and blocks the coolant channels.

These defects could cause the engine to overheat, resulting

in serious damage.

Our genuine DEUTZ Cooling System Conditioner is perfectly

matched to all the materials contained in DEUTZ

engines and – at a minimum volume of 35% – thus reliably

prevents corrosion, cavitation and freezing on all highspeed

engines and medium-sized and big engines.

The conditioner is also low-maintenance – as a rule, renewal

is required just every two years.

It goes without saying that genuine DEUTZ Cooling System

Conditioner is free of nitrite and amines which could

react together creating dangerous carcinogenic nitrosamines.

Our cooling system thus makes a contribution to

the protection of your health and of our environment.


Genuine DEUTZ Cooling System Conditioner protects

the entire cooling system in liquid-cooled engines all year

round against freezing, corrosion and overheating.

The use of at least 35 % cooling system additive by volume

ensures optimal protection against corrosion on all

metal parts applied in the cooling system. The table below

gives details of the degree of antifreeze protection attainable.


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